Hospital Visitor Policy

As of October 25, 2021, Trillium Health Partners (THP) requires that all visitors to the hospital must show proof of full COVID-19 vaccination (two doses plus a minimum of 14 days) to enter the hospital.
Exceptions to the proof of vaccination requirement will apply for specific patient populations, such as partners of patients in labour and delivery, as well as visitors of:

  • Patients who are actively dying with a prognosis of 48-72 hours to live;
  • NICU and paediatric patients; and
  • Patients in the Emergency Department.

THP will not accept proof of negative PCR or rapid antigen tests in place of COVID-19 vaccination records for entry at our hospital. This aligns with the approach to mandatory vaccination approach in place at other public places in Ontario. Also anyone who qualifies for a medical exemption from COVID-19 vaccination is encouraged to complete the necessary process with the Ministry of Health.

Details specific to Birthing Suites and Postpartum floor:
Labouring people are allowed to have 2 support people, once admitted to Birthing Suites. Only one person can stay to support on the postpartum unit.

Screener’s will permit Birthing Partner into the hospital regardless of vaccination status. The partner is permitted to stay with the pregnant person during the duration of the admission through to discharge, this includes both birthing suites and postpartum floor.

In Birthing Suites only 1 unvaccinated support person is permitted. The second support person must be fully vaccinated. 2 unvaccinated support people will not be permitted.

Individuals who would like to request an exception or accommodation are asked to contact Patient Relations at or (905) 848-7164. Please also let your midwife team know if you are seeking an exemption or accommodation.

COVID-19 Vaccination for Pregnant and Breastfeeding People

There is updated guidance from the Provincial Council for Maternal and Child Health (PCMCH) regarding the recommendation for COVID-19 vaccination. The recommendation is that the COVID-19 vaccination is safe in any stage of pregnancy, and getting it as early as possible is the safest choice. Please review the updated document – your midwife team is happy to discuss any concerns or questions you may have. 

Clinic Visits

When you Arrive to Your Visit
Reminder that when you arrive to clinic, we ask that you log into Doxy, and wait in your car until your midwife contacts you for screening and to coordinate entry to clinic. We are hoping to avoid lobby “traffic jams” with people waiting in the hall instead of their cars. If you do not wish to use Doxy, please let your midwife team know in advance and they will contact you via phone.

Support People/Older Children at Clinic Visits
We continue to follow public health guidelines to minimize exposure risks for our clients and our midwives, and continue to request that all clients plan to attend their prenatal visits alone, regardless of vaccination status.

We are happy to include your partner or other family/support persons in a clinic visit via virtual means – either using Doxy, speakerphone, or other video-call phone apps. We definitely recognize the important role these folks play in your pregnancy and family, and appreciate your help in striking a balance between including them, and minimizing exposure risks for all.

Your midwives recognize that there may be special circumstances for some people and are happy to discuss exceptions on a case-by-case basis. If you feel this is the case for you, please coordinate with your midwives via the team email prior to your next appointment to make a plan.

Home Visits
We are happy to include your partner and/or older children in your home visit, but request that:

  • all people over the age of 2y wear a mask for the duration of the midwife’s visit
  • all people maintain social distancing requirements as much as possible outside of clinical assessments
  • if anyone in the home is symptomatic, we ask that they remain in another area of the house and do not participate in the visit

Thanks everyone for your patience and understanding! As a remidner, we also post updates and other interesting tidbits on our social media accounts on facebook: and instagram: @MidwivesofMississauga