Midwives of Mississauga aims to support and normalize pregnancy, birth and the postpartum. We will provide compassionate and meaningful, high-quality evidence-based care with a focus on continuous improvement.

This care will be client focused, always advocating for what is important to our clients. We will be a “Champion of Choice” within our birthing community, in order to give a voice to all people in support of their beliefs, background, ethnicity, gender, sexuality and religion.

We stand against racism and oppression, value diversity and provide equity and access to all people. We plan to strengthen and grow our ability to contribute to our community as a public health resource. Through these actions, we aim to improve the health outcomes of our pregnant and newborn clients, as well as the community at large.

As guardians of health care resources, we will be responsible financial stewards. We aim to deliver excellence in client satisfaction in a way that balances the sustainability of midwifery work for our care providers and team. Thus, we will create and maintain a healthy environment for our families in care, support staff and midwives with zero-tolerance for racism, homophobia, other forms of oppression, bullying or harassment.

We hope to engage our families in a meaningful way to support new ideas and interests in order to impact the broader system and community.

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