Masking Update!

Effective October 5, 2023, as a result of rising transmission and outbreak activity of respiratory viruses in our community, we are following the lead of our hospital, Trillium Health Partners (THP) and are reinstating mandatory masking. We have very much enjoyed seeing your full faces the last three months, but are also very invested in keeping everyone safe and healthy!

What does this mean?

Masking is once again mandatory at hospital, in our clinic, and during home visits.

  • We will continue to screen for symptoms of respiratory illness prior to clinic appointments, and ask that you DO NOT ATTEND clinic if you, or someone at home, are ill (Rachel and your midwives are happy to work with you to re-book a re-scheduled clinic OR home visit depending on the situation).
  • During your labour, you will be asked to wear a mask as long as your are able to do so (your midwives recognize that most people are NOT able to wear a mask while pushing!)
  • We ask that you please wear a mask whenever a midwife is in your home (as well as any other family members present)
  • Please bring your own mask to all appointments, but there will be disposable masks available if you forget.

As with all changes, please reach out to your midwives to discuss if you have any specific questions and concerns, we are always happy to hear from you.