Update #7 – March 23, 2021

COVID Vaccine Eligibility for Pregnant/Breastfeeding People
Check out new guidance from the Provincial Council for Maternal and Child Health (PCMCH) – just released on March 8, 2021. We love this resource, and think it does a great job of explaining all the information available, and things you may wish to consider. Click on the image below to see the full document, or click here. Feel free to discuss in clinic with your midwives, if you have any questions!

Pandemic Homebirths
Considering homebirth? Midwives have always offered choice of birth place, and many of our clients choose to have their babies at home. With the onset of COVID, we have seen an increase in homebirths here at Midwives of Mississauga, as have many other clinics in the province. Over 35,000 babies have been born at home in Ontario since 1994 and we know that for normal, low risk pregnancy, it can be a great option for many individuals.

Did you know that research shows that those planning a homebirth have “the lowest likelihood of […] a C-Section, epidural or episiotomy”? Many people love the comfort of their own home and may in fact feel safer or more relaxed. Please feel free to check out the video below of Erin G. and Mariah walking you through a typical homebirth, or check out the other videos and information available on our website.

Here is a fun news story in Toronto Life magazine about one GTA family who opted for homebirth in light of COVID. If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to discuss with your midwife at your next appointment!

Staying Active While Stuck At Home
Like everyone, we are hoping now that spring is in the air, we will all be able to get outside and get moving again! However, with social distancing restrictions still in place, and the possibility of a 3rd wave on the horizon, we encourage you to look for other creative ways to stay fit while staying close to home.

Two resources we wanted to share are @themomlete and @chelsealovesyoga on Instagram. Andrea is a great example of a mom who is also a trainer who specializes in pregnant and postpartum fitness. Another great insta-fitness trainer is @chelsealovesyoga, who posts lots of great gentle beginner yoga flows that are appropriate for pregnant and postpartum folks. Their suggestions are fun and accessible – check out some of the videos and see if you can build a little extra movement into your day!