Update #6 – October 2, 2020

New Computer System at Trillium – EPIC
We wanted to update you about a change at Trillium Health Partners (THP) over the next several months that will affect your caregivers. Starting October 10, 2020, THP is changing their electronic medical record and clinical charting system to a new program called EPIC. EPIC is a fully integrated computer system that will be used across all THP sites to improve quality of care through built-in efficiencies for communication, data-analytics and reporting. This is the core of the OneTHP project, and has been many years in the making. We are excited about how it promises to improve the care provided to our community.

Your midwives, along with all other care providers, have been working hard to learn how to use the EPIC program. We continue to make every effort to provide the one-to-one care that is central to our midwifery model; however, your midwife may face challenges in the first several months of using the new system. These challenges may result in having the back-up midwife attend your birth earlier for support, as well as your midwife engaging in telephone or in-person assistance from other colleagues and hospital staff related to documenting your care. As always, you will continue to have the option for home or clinic assessments throughout your care where appropriate, as well as the option of homebirth for low-risk normal pregnancies.

We hope you share our excitement at this investment in the well-being of our community, and appreciate your patience while we transition to this new, improved system.

Reminder – Pandemic Policies for Clinic Visits
1. Wearing Non-Medical Masks in Clinic
Following best-practice guidelines for preventing asymptomatic spread of COVID-19, we ask that all clients please bring and wear your own mask for the duration of your in-person clinic visits. Your midwives will continue to wear masks as well.

Please note: anyone wearing gloves to the clinic will be asked to remove them at the door. We will provide hand sanitizer and/or access to soap/water to clean hands upon entry to clinic.

Please review this information from Peel Public Health about the use of non-medical masks.

Instructions from Health Canada on how to make your own masks (sewing, and non-sewing options).

2. Partners, Older Children and other Support Persons
In order to minimize exposure risks for our clients and our midwives, we continue to request that all clients plan to attend their prenatal visits alone for the duration of the Pandemic. Our clinic space does not allow for adequate social distancing with more than 2 adults in the room. For postpartum clinic visits, clients are still expected to attend with their newborns.

We are happy to include your partner or other family/support persons in a clinic visit via virtual means – either using Doxy, speakerphone, or other video-call phone apps. We definitely recognize the important role these folks play in your pregnancy and family, and appreciate your help in striking a balance between including them, and minimizing exposure risks for all.

Your midwives recognize that there may be special circumstances for some people (i.e. translators, limited access to childcare) and are happy to discuss exceptions on a case-by-case basis. If you feel this is the case for you, please coordinate with your midwives via the team email prior to your next appointment to make a plan.