Karolina Kullerstrand

Registered Midwife (R.M.)

In 2015 Karolina joined us as a midwife at Midwives of Mississauga.  Karolina came to us from Sweden, where she was the head of  Division of 35 midwives, who jointly attended 7500 births a year at the busiest hospital in the country.  Karolina started her practice in Sweden as a midwife in 1993 and over the course of her career worked as a primary care midwife providing prenatal, intrapartum and postpartum care while developing in her career as both a leader and educator.  Karolina came to us well prepared to integrate into Canadian midwifery.

As a midwife at MoM, Karolina continued in her roles as a leader, educator and excellent care provider.  She worked as a lecturer in the International Midwifery Education Program helping integrate other foreign trained midwives into Canadian midwifery.  She sat on interdisciplinary committees at Trillium Health Partners working to integrate midwifery into Women’s and Children’s health, she was a partner in the practice and she was always a warm, compassionate voice in the room whether to her colleagues or to her clients.  As Karolina returns to practicing midwifery in Sweden in the summer of 2022, we wish her well in her future adventures and count ourselves lucky for having had her as a member of our MoM family for the past 7 years!



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