Maggie Davies

Registered Midwife (R.M.)

Maggie began her career as a registered nurse in England in 1979.  At that time there were very few jobs for qualified nurses and Maggie was offered a post as a student midwife.  By August of 1980 she was a Registered Midwife and has never looked back.

In her own words, “I fell in love with midwifery after my first birth and have enjoyed all aspects of midwifery and midwifery care.”

Maggie and her family immigrated to Canada in February of 1997 and by October of 1998 she had successfully completed the registration requirements to practice in Ontario.  Maggie has been with Midwives of Mississauga every since and has helped thousands of families along the way.  While we are thrilled for her that she is retiring, we are sad to see her go!  – This is a link to a kudoboard that we created for her that has been signed by colleagues and clients alike.  Please help us in celebrating the phenomenal career of our very own Margaret Davies!!

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