Jacquie Klan

Registered Midwife (R.M.)

Of all the midwives we have ever worked with, Jacquie has had the most interesting and varied career path.  Jacquie counts among her past careers Pilates Studio owner and stylist for Civello, and came to us via Winnipeg, New York, Toronto & Georgetown.  Midwifery is where she found her home and Midwives of Mississauga is where she found her place.

Jacquie quickly became an active member of MoM as a partner in the business and was a founding partner in the practice.  Jacquie helped build the business into the healthy sustainable practice that we are today, and worked actively to develop interdisciplinary relationships with the Women’s and Children’s team at Trillium Health Partners.  She sat on the Breastfeeding Friendly Initiative committee that saw the hospital get it’s BFI certification and was a super-user when the hospital implemented its new health information system, EPIC, which might surprise anyone who knows her “love” of all things technical!

Jacquie started her practice as a midwife in the summer of 2010 and she will retire from midwifery in the summer of 2022.  Her sense of humour, fantastic story telling and commitment to colleagues and clients alike will be sorely missed at Midwives of Mississauga!  We wish Jacquie well in her retirement and know that she will enjoy her well deserved rest and relaxation.




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